Billings OEM and Custom Steel Fabrication, Machining and Sheet Metal Services

We are a full service shop providing welding, fabrication, machining and sheet metal fabrication with capabilities to handle OEM components and assemblies as well as custom projects. Click Here to view the photo gallery.

We work with a variety of metals including steel, steel alloys, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, and brass and can also perform on-site work. In addition, Billings has extensive capabilities in sheet metal fabrication – ducts, pipes, elbows, enclosures – any size, any gauge.

Examples Include:
  • Custom fabrication and welding
  • Rolling
  • Machine Design and Rebuilds
  • Repair & replace parts and repairs
  • Equipment Guards
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication:
    o Storage Hoppers, Feed Hoppers & Chutes
    o Machine Enclosures with Sound Proofing & Insulation
    o Bin collars
  • Custom Truck Flatbeds & Trailers including:
    o Tool Boxes
    o Ladder Racks
  • Packing stands
  • Machine pins
  • Brackets
  • Weldments

  • CAD design and layout
  • Shearing: mild steel 3/8" x 8’; stainless steel ¼" x 8’
  • Roll Forming or Bending:
    o Tubing and Angle Iron
    o Sheet steel - 12 GA or 11 GA steel to 4’ long
  • Bending reinforcing Bar up to 1”
  • Pipe Bending – Up to 1” square tubing and 1 ¼” Schedule 40 Pipe.
  • Press Brake – Bend sheet metal and plate material 3/8” by 5’, ¼” – 3/16” by 10’ and 1/8” by 12’.
  • Punch up to 7/8” holes
  • Certified Structural Welders
  • Welding:
    o Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Chromium-Molybdenum, Cast-iron and Cast Aluminum
    o Welding Processes: MIG, TIG, Shielded Metal Arc, flux core; at our location

Capabilities (cont'd):

  • CNC Plasma Cutting of Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel – Up to 1” thick mild steel, 5’ x 10’
  • Flame Cutting Processes: Oxygen Acetylene and Plasma
  • Oxygen Acetylene Torch process
  • Milling
  • Turning Capabilities Drilling, Boring and Tapping
  • Threading – Ability to thread pipe up to 3” in diameter and bolt threads up to 1 ¼”.
  • Drilling – Core and electrometric
  • Painting –BSM paint booth, sprayed or rolled (automotive grade paint)
  • Grinding, Finishing
  • Powder coating