Clair Manufacturing


Automatic Polishers and Buffing Machines

Billings Fabrication Services works from the original prints for all models of Clair polishers. Although machines are no longer manufactured we refurbish and supply parts using original specifications.

Clair Polisher Models we supply parts for include:

  • TR- 12x12
  • 303, 208
  • BH100-2
  • WS-24"
  • 18"-CF
  • RT-1218
  • 603
  • PF2HD12
  • 7302
  • TR-40
  • TR-36
  • TR-24
  • 202

Parts are manufactured to original equipment specifications.


Repair and replacement parts available for all models of Clair Automatice Polishing and Buffing machines such as Model 603 shown here.